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March Newsletter 2020

It is very important at this time to do your Kriya Yoga practice as it will strengthen your lungs and body. We feel very isolated and out of control! When we unite our breath with the Supreme we are in action with the creator and sustainer of our life.

This breath I found calmed me and I felt as though it helped the world and myself. It can be done lying in bed or sitting in meditation. Please read to the end.

The Meditation Practice

Breathe peace in, breathe peace out. Receive the breath of peace from the Supreme and breathe out the breath of peace to the world. As we breathe in say it in your mind like a mantra and with the timing of the breath, say in your mind - breathe peace in - breathe peace out.

The next breath is filling your mind with these words like a mantra. "Breathe love in, breathe love out." Visualise the breath through the heart chakra. Imagine your heart pulsing and expanding to your breath, it is moving and receiving love in, as you breathe out the World receives Love.

Babaji said breathe with love. As I breathed, my mind realised the Supreme power of creation, the seed of every living thing is love. All creation is created from Love, in perfect love the imbalance will be healed. Pure love is God. God will destroy with the light of love.

The vibration of divine love is like an atomic bomb. This will emanate from you into the world destroying the virus with perfect love.

In your third eye say the mantra "breathe love in", feel it filling your heart, then on the out breath say the mantra "breathe love out" through the heart chakra.

After practicing the peace and love breath, now join them and say "breathe peace and love in", then say "breathe peace and love out". Peace is Love. The World Peace Mission is peace and love; the Supreme Seed is peace and love.

Through Kriya Yoga we find peace in our heart and mind. This is supreme love. We are filling ourselves like a living grail of supreme peace and love.

I have faith in this practice. I have faith in the Supreme. I have faith in my soul. I have faith in my beloved supreme Guru, Mahavatar Babaji.

You are the World Peace Mission. I have faith, hope, peace and love in all of you, the divine group.

The mind, heart and desire will put this visualisation into action. This love is the essence of all creation. When we breathe with it our minds are consumed in love, our hearts and spirit are all in the power of love to change the world.

Change yourself,
Change the world;
Peace in the heart,
Peace in the home.

The seed of your soul is perfect love.

In love we create healing waves of love in union with the creator, in this love we are healing humanity and the world.

Holding one another with love and blessings,

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Disciple of Mahavatar Babaji
Founder of The World Peace Mission
Kriya Yoga Master

February Newsletter 2020

Dear Students,

In this year of 2020, the World Peace Mission is moving into the end of a 12-year cycle which began with our beloved Babaji’s Samadhi. This change has been prompted by circumstances surrounding my health which have necessitated a lengthy period of rest at my home. This has been an interesting time of enforced rest, meditation and contemplation, a divine gift which has led to my work taking a new direction.

I have been brought into the digital age and what is interesting is that my astrological chart and the astrological chart of The World Peace Mission are in alignment with this big change. There has been a synchronicity to all these events and God truly does work in mysterious ways.

I am surrounding myself with a team of supporters who are helping the World Peace Mission to carry forth my message through the channels of The World Wide Web and you can find my story, information about Kriya Yoga, films, forthcoming workshops and teachings on my new website:

Additionally my work can be accessed through YouTube,Instagram and Twitter.

I am still teaching here in Cornwall and if anyone would like to join me in my ashram at The Queens Hotel, Penzance that would be wonderful. I am continuing my four workshops a year and my weekly kriya yoga sessions held on a Tuesday afternoon, also I would welcome any pre arranged groups who would like to come to my Ashram for teachings.

I appreciate it if you would share details of my new website.

With love and blessings,

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Founder of The World Peace Mission

New Year's Newsletter 2020

For the new decade - good tidings of joy and happiness for the New Year

How do we find joy and happiness? First of all we need a practice. We need to practice for the strength of your thoughts, one which will lasso your mind and draw you back into this world of maya.

To cut the lasso and take back your life the practice of Kriya Yoga is a powerful tool. Have a beautiful place where you can sit, a candle,some incense, a divine photograph of your master - a sacred place. A sacred time to meditate is 3:30-4:00am. Or in the morning upon rising, midday, 3:00pm, 6:00pm, 9:00pm. Give yourself time even if it is only five minutes.

Why do you meditate? It is to reclaim yourself - to find yourself and we find ourselves when we go inside. As you concentrate on the third eye in your meditation and say your mantra - "Yeh Weh She Om" - you are drawing the gaze inside behind your third eye to the center of your mind. Breathe in here and say the mantra - "Yeh Weh She Om". With the mantra, the gaze within and being aware of your breath your focus changes from the outer world to the inner world to the spacious breath and mind of The Supreme Soul, it is here that you find peace and once you find peace joy naturally arises.

Here in the center of your head is silence, a cosmic silence. When you feel the silence you can merge the breath of your hearts with the silence of your minds. The light arises from your heart filling your mind with peace. The heart illuminates your body and your mind and your body melts with the breath of The Supreme light.

Visualisation meditation for healing the past.

See your life behind you as a path from your birth and breathe all the karma, the illness, the sadness out and clear the path behind you, breathe it all forth into this Light Supreme, Hand it over, allow it to pass through coming out in front of you and being received with love and tenderness of this creative power of love. Forgive yourself. Say it: "I forgive myself" and ask God to forgive you.

Now breathe the breath back from God completely new, well, clean. A new birth and a new start. A conscious change.

For 2020 do the practice of Kriya Yoga

Change yourself
Change the world
Peace in the heart
Peace in the home.

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Founder of the World Peace Mission

Christmas Newsletter 2019 - Trust

Dear students and friends,

Christmas is soon upon us. Why was our Lord Jesus born in the world what was his message? Have we understood what he said?

What did our Lord Jesus bring into the world for humanity? He brought love, peace, forgiveness, “love thy neighbour as thy self”, service and kindness.

Jesus gave us the truth to trust in the Supreme understanding of the Christ-light WITHIN, deathlessness, immortality, self-realisation. These amazing truths and qualities do not rely on anybody or anything. We trust the soul-light within ourselves, we trust the arising guidance from within, we trust God within.

As we do our practice we go more and more deeply within to the Godhead within our hearts, our minds. We change from clinging to the outside world for faith and trust to trusting ourselves.

The immortal Self never dies. The more we work and trust ourselves the greater the Christ-light in us and in the world. Our HEARTS open in love to the divine and the Christ-light pours forth.

Our hearts are the divine mind of compassion, love and empathy. Empathy is the trigger for compassion and kindness streaming forth in the world. It moves the Supreme light within from our hearts to create from the great neutral power of God. This light is healing energy enetering the hearts and minds of mankind. The light can heal the fear and bring the abundance of Supreme trust back into the world.

Meditate on these words I have written for you. Be peace, be love; find trust in the Supreme for your life, find it in your heart. In your loving trust for the living Lord trust the Supreme light of Christ. Trust in the divine law in yourself.

As you meditate you find the rhythms of the seasons, the laws of truth, the beauty of nature, the intelligence of the earth. God is the truth. This great river of Consciousness is creating everything – go with the flow. Breath the breath of God.

Kriya Yoga was brought to earth by Maha Avatar Babaji, the Great Yogi-Christ of India. Kriya Yoga cleans our bodies mind and spirit. When we are clean we walk in God’s light, hope trust and love. The greatest power is LOVE.

“Change yourself, change the world, peace in the heart, peace in the home.”

Blessings, love and deep peace for Christmas and the New Year. Looking forward to being with you here in Cornwall in 2020.

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Founder of the World Peace Mission