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January Newsletter 2022

The power of creation is within you!

My teachings and Kriya Yoga will show you the way to sing your song. Life is always changing; the river is always running. Come and join me in this river of The Supreme Light and find with Inspiration, Passion, Motivation and Tenacity – what you have always been looking for - YOUR SELF.


Always listen to your inspiration: It propels you to change, to move forward with your life, to express yourself, your vision, your passion.

I was inspired in a dream in which I met the holiest man in the world. My greatest inspiration came when, in my dream, I asked this holy man if I would ever see him again. He said, “I will never leave you.” This gave me the confidence that I would find him, and that never wavered, despite all the obstacles in my way, and for the next 12 years I searched for him.

Without inspiration, I don’t feel that we have the life we could live to give us the passion, motivation and tenacity to overcome the obstacles on the path. That inspiration compelled me, consumed me, to find my Guru, to find my God-Self.

Be inspired, come and learn Kriya Yoga with me to find the God-Consciousness within you.


I was moved to make this search by passion. The fire of all creation is passion, and it is this that drove me to find my Guru, Mahavatar Babaji. It is the same for the artist, the poet: the passion to find yourself. It is an incredible energy, it creates health, vibrancy, tenacity, love; it creates all things. At the heart of passion is love, and it is this that moves you inwards to find yourself.

Be passionate, come and learn Kriya Yoga with me to find the God-Consciousness within you.


Without this I would not have continued to seek my Guru, Babaji. It is about saying YES and having confidence. I was inspired to go beyond fear, beyond judgement, beyond other people’s ideas. There was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t find him. That passion and motivation propelled me forward, and it drove me for 12 years until I stood before him at his ashram in the Himalayas.

Be motivated, come and learn Kriya Yoga with me to find the God- Consciousness within you.


I was inspired initially, my passion moved me forward and kept me motivated, but I needed determination and tenacity to find my beloved Guru. My mantra became, “Keep on, keeping on.” I started as a wife and mother, however, when I found my Master, my life changed. I continued my role as a wife and mother, but I woke up. I embodied the name given to me by Mahavatar Babaji:

Swami (Teacher),
Aliananda (Highest, highest rejoicement)
Paramahansa (Sacred Swan: ability to fly between heaven and earth)

Be tenacious if you want to find your soul light, your beauty, your purpose, and commit to joining me to learn Kriya Yoga to find God-Consciousness within you.

Love is food for the world.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

December Newsletter 2021

Jesus came to show us the light of The Supreme, Self-Realisation and Supreme Consciousness. In the world of Maya we have ‘the play’ but Krya Yoga, the teachings of Lord Christ, of Babaji, bring you peace of mind and peace of heart. In meditation you enter the kingdom of peace within you, and when the mind is peaceful the heart is peaceful, and you are in Divine Union with the Creator and Sustainer of your life.

Instead of being poor sheep following the idiot thoughts of the world, you live and breathe and have your being in consciousness with The Supreme. Enlightenment is awakening to the truth of the Divine rather than the play of the world. Behind the play, the fear, the news, people talking; we open to the Supreme Creator which is enlightenment.

Jesus came to show us this; he is the great teacher for humanity. He was a gift from The Supreme sent to save us. He was born as a Saviour, Our Lord. When we love Jesus at Christmas, we are loving the light of The Supreme. See the world and humanity wrapped and fed by the light of Christ. This is the biggest gift that we can give the World.

Love is food for the world.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

November Newsletter 2021

This newsletter is about change. Change is something I have experienced greatly over the last 2 months.

Change is a challenge; how free are we to let go? What is it that can hold you in times of change?

Our lives are made up of pockets of support, things that we treasure, things that we like looking at, touching, smelling, holding. These are all parts of our persona, our story, that make us feel comfortable and give us our identity.

So, what is it that holds you in the chaos of change?

In our weekly Kriya Yoga teachings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have been looking at the legend of King Arthur and the Round Table; the twelve knights, the twelve disciples, twelve months of the year. It is the twelve months of the year which is very important to our life story. There are the seasons and the seasons change, and we must learn to change. But in your innermost nature is the King Arthur legend about the Sword of Truth.

As we do our Kriya Yoga breaths, we open to, and strengthen within us, this Sword of Truth. In this truth within us we open to the grails of wisdom.

In my time of change, the strength of that sword in my root chakra, walking on the earth and following my path of truth, stopped me from stepping into the chaos.

In each chakra you have all levels of consciousness, and so having the strength in that root chakra to walk my talk, to walk my change, the strength of that root was held in every chakra. I surrendered to Will, what is willed, embracing the newness and movement of life, keeping my mind strong and trust in the Supreme Will to change and know that everything was in the right place at the right time, and that everything would be taken care of.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

October Newsletter 2021

Each soul has come in with their own karma and their own song. The big question is, are you willing to change? What does changing yourself mean?

One of the major causes of our problems is judgment. One of the major teachings I’ve had has been to sit loose, and this is about accepting what is. You are born to walk your path, and the path is a centredness. We are thrown into the duality of action and reaction. When we have a reaction through judgement, we cause ourselves suffering. In our life we must take stock of our actions because, like the beehive, there is an interaction.

If we look at the honeycomb there are different cells, but they all actually lock together. Like the beehive, our individual actions affect the world, affect our families and our relationships. If you have a disruptive energy in cell of a honeycomb, this affects the whole pattern. We must, as an individual in our collective environment, take responsibility for how we are living, what we are doing, and what we are saying, because we affect the world without realising it.

Society has become quite selfish, in living for one’s own enjoyment, one’s own excitements; this is living a reactive life. If our human nature is more peaceful, thoughtful, kind and sweet, then we are not so reactive, causing pain and karma for ourselves.

It is by your actions that you will be known; it is by your actions that you sow the seeds of your future life and so change yourself to be a better human being. No one can do this for you. You may find someone that inspires you, and it is through inspiration that you change. Change yourself, Change the world, Peace in the heart, Peace in the home.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

August Newsletter 2021

Dear Friends,

We are having a break from Tuesday and Thursday Kriya Yoga Groups throughout the month of August, recommencing on Tuesday and Thursday, 7th and 9th September. Whilst practicing your Kriya’s at home I thought that it would be helpful to use this prayer to meditate on during this month.

This is a World Peace Mission Prayer which I was inspired to write many years ago. It has many levels of understanding and this is just one of them. Please use this prayer to meditate on.

Oh, Divine Lord, Divine Mother,
May our breath become one with thee,
May the God light arise from my heart, filling my mind with peace,
May the light from my heart still every thought,
May our hearts, our minds, our breath, be in union with the cosmic ocean of peace,
Peace in the world, peace to mankind.

Oh, Divine Lord, Divine Mother:
This is the light of creation through the union of Supreme Intelligence.

May our breath become one with thee:
When our breath becomes one with creation, the God light is born from that Supreme Intelligence.

May the God light arise from my heart, filling my mind with peace:
The light of God is in your heart, where it arises from your heart, filling you with light, the God glow. Through the breath, through meditation, you are entering into, and surrendering to the light within your heart. This God light arises, filling your mind with peace.

May the light from my heart still every thought:
The inspiration and the light of consciousness stills the mind of thought.

May our hearts, our minds, our breath, be in union with the cosmic ocean of peace:
Once our breath merges with THAT, we enter and realise that I AM THAT. Then we have merged with the cosmic ocean of peace. Peace in the world, peace to mankind: You are that living consciousness of peace for mankind.

It is true.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

July Newsletter 2021

With the abundance of the summer, I feel that we should have gratitude for The Supreme beauty of nature and Mother Earth. This prayer is bowing to The Supreme within you, which is the same abundance and beauty without. This beauty within you is a consciousness, and the beauty without is consciousness in form. So we pray inwardly with gratitude for our lives in the world and for our spiritual journey. I bow to the abundance that God has given me in my life.

Explanation of my prayer:

I bow to the Lord,
I live in the Lord,
I am filled with the Lord,
The Lord is within me,
I live and breathe in that being,
Never question, accept what is.
Peace be with you.

I bow to the Lord: Inwardly the ‘I’ is my soul in the temple of my heart. Bowing is to the Lord, the Supreme, the Atma within.

I live in the Lord, I am filled with the Lord: The light of my soul and the light of Atma have merged – I am that, in that I live.

The Lord is within me, I live and breathe in that being: The light of my soul lives and breathes in the light of the Atma, and that ‘being’ is living through me. The ‘being’ is the consciousness of creation living within the temple of my heart.

Never question: The ‘being’ is never questioned; it is the Supreme Intelligence of creation.

Accept what is: For THAT intelligence is Grace.

Peace be with you: That the consciousness of THAT within the heart is filling you with peace.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

June Newsletter 2021

We have been under Divine guidance through 2021. We have had proof of this amazing timing. Last October I planned my diary of events for 2021. In my plan was The Great Archangel Gabriel workshop which I was teaching for the first time.

At the end of January, Babaji inspired me to focus on world healing using the vision of different countries for different chakras which coincided with the passed lives I had experienced.

When I was working on the root chakra of Egypt with the group, I spoke to a dear friend of mine, Ba Miller, who told me about work that had been done on the earth where sacred stones had been laid around the world to strengthen sacred energy points. One of these had been placed between the paws of The Sphinx in Egypt. It was at this point, that we, as a group had been working on.

4 months later we were working on the throat chakra in the Middle East, which coincided with the Archangel Gabriel workshop who is The Word of God.

These are two extraordinary synchronistic events that occurred on our journeys through the chakras.

Be aware of what is happening in your meditation, and in your lives in general, and you will see synchronistic events happening between your inner life and your outer life. How you are today will affect your future.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

May Newsletter 2021

The first three chakras we have been working on are so incredibly important. This earthly connection with the root chakra, realising that earth is so heavenly, so harmonious, so perfect, that our feet walking on the earth and connecting with Supreme Mother Earth is a Divine Union and a Divine Connection. Unfortunately, humanity has lost sight of this and we are mutilating and hurting Mother Earth, we are destroying the beautiful song of the earth. The resonance of human nature has become selfish and overpowering. Although there are many groups gathering in meditation, through thought, word and deed to express their divine nature bringing balance to all mankind through the light of love.

We arise into the sacral chakra, some of mankind are not singing with harmony and love however there are others who are singing a song of harmony and love, but can we keep the balance?

We rise into the solar plexus, the will of desire for more, more, more. Human greed at its worst nature. The lightworkers, working with The Supreme Will, to will what is willed, are coming together to bring balance to the world.

These three chakras are the root of humanity’s heart, the thinking of the heart, the desires of the heart, the creative power of the heart. All humanity is being questioned at this moment in time of a pandemic. As Babaji said, the world is going to be flattened; the whole world is affected and we have a pinnacle of time to Change ourselves, to Change the world, Peace in the heart, Peace in the home.

Here at the heart with the union of heaven and earth coming together, the lightworkers are coming together to hold the balance of The Supreme Love, The Supreme Light, The Supreme Will, The Supreme Song, The Atma, the light of balance, of harmony, and the power to redeem humanity to redeem the world.

As Shambala Warriors, as Kriya Yoga students for The World Peace Mission, it is so important to gather and unite as a group, that the power of light and love will bless and heal humanity and Mother Earth.

This is The World Peace Mission Message, to come and learn Kriya Yoga to join this important mission to bring peace, love and light to the world.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

April Newsletter 2021

The Atma is consciousness, it is The Supreme light of creation, God. God created man, the earth, the sun, moon and stars and from the living consciousness of God, it comes forward, and is seeded in you, the light of your soul. This seed light of the soul is living in you, seeded in your heart.

Your soul is like a wave from the cosmic ocean, it is always in the ocean and at one with the ocean. Human nature is here in the world of cause and effect, of male and female, good and evil, black and white, left and right. We walk in the world looking out in our thinking mind, in our voicing, our opinions, looking with judgment and feeling with our excitements, causing confusion around our hearts. We think, we look, and see this as reality. Sitting in silence at the centre of us is our soul with all the abundance, beauty and love of our Creator, who has created this beautiful world, who has created the sun, moon and stars, the galaxies, the cosmos.

We as an individual with our thoughts and feelings, have no realisation that the consciousness of The Supreme is within us. Our human nature is that we are very wilful and selfish, because we don’t realise anything other, until we have gone inside to realise the beauty of creation. Without this awareness, and through our ignorance, we create havoc in the world with global warming, pollution and wars. We are ignorant until we realise The Supreme Creator and not the mortal creator. When we realise the Supreme Creator, we start to work with the energy of creation rather than our wills and ways. We are living in the Atma; the Atma is within us and everything. Your soul that the creator has seeded in you, is the purpose of your life, and the purpose of your life is to find your soul, to find yourself through the experience of this life on earth.

Your life is a spiritual journey. The whole of your body is a temple and the heavens are within you. As you enter each heaven you are gradually, gradually, opening and entering into the wisdom of how to find yourself and Self Realisation through your soul. Through the Holy Science of Kriya Yoga, through the technique of breaths, they unlock the doors and open you to the wisdom truths on each heavenly level. You come from the outer self, the lower self, into the higher self within you.

The journey from the lower self to the higher self is a gradual path. When you find the higher self within you, you find Self Realisation, the realisation of your soul, and you sit in the light of God Consciousness, a full God or Goddess. All your body is enlightened. Your higher Self Consciousness is fully awake; you have realised yourself and your soul, and have merged with the ocean. You are one with the Atma and the whole of creation. You are liberated from the world of illusion, never to return again unless God chooses you as a messenger, like the great saints and Masters such as Babaji, our Lord Jesus Christ and The Dalai Lama.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

March Newsletter 2021

Recently I have become more aware of the importance of peace in the mind, as this is the gateway to our heavenly world; the Crown Chakra; the Kingdom of Heaven. It is through the journey of Kriya Yoga, bringing the energy up through your body and lighting the ladder within you, cleansing your heart and mind, that you arrive at the place of the brow, and bow at the altar of your brow chakra.

In faith and trust you go in even more deeply and the gate opens to the heavenly realm. This heavenly realm is within you; here in this realm are the Great Archangels at the throne of The Supreme. They can draw close to us. In this world Gabriel is the word of God; Raphael is the healing ministry of God, Michael is the protector and he helps us overcome our lower nature; Uriel brings the light of God to the earth.

All four Archangels have their ministry and are full of light. From The Supreme heights, The Supreme light, The Supreme love, God sends them forth to help humanity. In these stressful times we can call upon these Great Archangels to help us.

For the first time, I have four workshops this year, 2021, opening to the teachings of these Great Archangels.

Archangel Raphael: 24th January
Archangel Gabriel: 25th April
Archangel Uriel: 25th July
Archangel Michael: 26th September

Please join me, it would be wonderful to see you and journey together.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

February Newsletter 2021

I have found over the last year of teaching online on Zoom with my wonderful international group, that through the ethers of The Supreme Ocean I can feel their love. I feel their love and kindness through their energy, through the expression on their faces, and through their body language.

Because we can see each other in our mortal form we feel connection, we feel support for our health, our body, mind and spirit. We are like a beehive; the whole of humanity is loving and supporting one another, whether we realise it or not. But when we realise it, we are feeling peaceful, loving and kind, and have changed ourselves and merged with The Supreme - The Queen Bee. This changes the world and brings peace in the heart and peace in the home to humanity. The World Peace Mission in action.

What was experienced for my birthday was the beauty of human nature in loving action. This is a beautiful example of what I am teaching you; you manifested it and it was glorious. Thank you all so very much, I appreciate it. Your love was like honey, it was sweet, nourishing, healing and we had the milk of human kindness. The heavenly expression of the land of milk and honey in action.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

January Newsletter 2021

My Newsletter this January is both a big Thank You and a Clarion Call.

Last year our weekly meetings together were supremely beautiful and uplifting. They provided an anchor and held us in an inner strength, supporting us all through the chaos, change and suffering in 2020. The light from our hearts which created the Holy Grail not only helped our healing, but helped to bathe the world in the healing light of The Supreme; The World Peace Mission in action. I am profoundly grateful to you all for your love and support. Thank you.

In 2021, I am sending out a clarion call to both new students and all my students from around the world. We must keep on, keeping on. Our work together is of vital importance for healing the world through Kriya Yoga sacred breaths, visualisation and the Healing Grail. We are a powerhouse; we are a force for change in the world; The World Peace Mission in action.

For new students to Kriya Yoga, come and join this amazing group, you will never want to leave. Change happens through the Kriya Yoga Sacred Breathing Practice, through visualisation, and through the healing power of The Holy Grail. If you are feeling at odds with yourself, with the world, seeking something more than the ego can give, you WILL find it here and you will change; all those around you will change, and then you change the world, because you will have connected with the light of the sacred heart within you, and the light of your beautiful soul will shine from you. The World Peace Mission in action.

I am calling YOU, to join me to:

Change yourself,
Change the world,
Peace in the heart,
Peace in the home.

Wishing you God’s blessings for 2021,
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa.

December Newsletter 2020

It is the birth of Christ when it is important to remember that our beloved Jesus Christ was a Kriya Yogan.

The original name of Jesus was Yassus, which means ‘Man without father, born from the word of God’ He was born from the Holy Esprit, the Logos, that other planet which is called Heavenly Father. The Logos is sound and light. Jesus represents the sound: He is the Word of God.

The Logos, The Celestial Light, The Glow
Has taken the form of a word – Yassus -
In the womb of The Divine Mother Mary.

Jesus could speak the Word of God by birth. He never spoke his own words, but The Holy Spirit was talking from his tongue. The song of Jesus was not the song of Jesus, but the song of The Holy Esprit, which was recited by Jesus. The true words of Jesus have been given to him by the Angels. That’s why his gospel has been called Evangel. The name has come from the expression ‘Even Angel’. It means that those Angels who have even numbers have been connected with Jesus. The Angel Gabriel has narrated the Word of God to him, and Esrafil and Michael are also Even Angels.

When Babaji blessed Aliananda, he said that the Archangel Gabriel works with her. It is Archangel Gabriel that narrates The Word to her.

This year we have been under the mantle of Babaji and Jesus Christ, and we are giving birth to our Christedness. We must honour and love this light within us, and we must honour the light that Beloved Mary gave birth to.

This Holy Woman was a Prophetess, she was by birth an enlightened being and the Glow was shining from her face. So, all got together and wondered whether she was a goddess or an angel. But an angel appeared, blessed her, and said, “Don’t touch her, she is for the Altar of God and her name shall be Maryam.”

It is important in our lives to give reverence to The Divine Mary, The Divine Woman, The Divine Mother who gave birth to the Messiah Jesus.

Thank you and God bless you for a beautiful Christmas.

(Extracts in italics taken from the book: Cry on Mountain, The Message of Maha Avtar Babaji. Pages: 74, 76, 77.)

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

November Newsletter 2020

My last Newsletter was on hope and faith, but when we are gripped in sadness, hope and faith seem very far away.

I have just had an experience where our beloved family pet, Murphy, passed away. He was a beautiful dog and we were blessed to have him for 13 years. He was very much a dog of service, he was very sensitive, very quiet and centred, and at the same time very present and aware. How can a creature that never speaks express so much?

Yesterday I had a student for coffee, she asked me what she should be doing. The only reply I could give her was that her presence, her being, brought comfort to me in my sadness at Murphy’s passing. The ‘being’ of consciousness within you is in silence, and when we enter into trust and faith, this ‘beingness’ manifests through you, expressing in your personality, as it did with the student who came for coffee.

In the world we are always wanting to be seen, to be heard and to act. Without saying anything, Murphy demonstrated a powerful grace and loyal character.

So as human beings, give up thinking you should be more, rather be authentic, be truthful to that Supreme personality within you.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

October Newsletter 2020

The kingdom of faith and devotion.

In my heart there are kingdoms, I kneel at the altar in the kingdom of faith. I kneel and surrender to The Almighty, navigating my life, showing me the way to live, breathe and have my being. This gives me hope, with this hope I have charity because it is the charity of God within me that is in action.

The kingdom of birdsong is showing us complete faith. It is the song of God for humanity to realise that God is watching over us and giving us the faith, love and hope to go on. Babaji said the birds are always singing to The Almighty.

In my house there are many mansions, in my heart I call them kingdoms. The kingdom of silence; here in the deep silence are all the kingdoms ready to spring forth into divine song, word or deed. Without silence we are lost, lost forever in noise. Go into the silence it will save your life.

In the Kingdom of love - I love faith, faith is faith in The Supreme in love; The Supreme acts. I have faith, I love having faith that The Supreme is filling my heart. The song of God is filling me, this is hope - the song of love is charity, the kingdom of light is infinite.

Devotion is the bridge to Self-Realisation, and when you have devotion to your Guru it is the same bridge that leads you to The Supreme. The devotion you have shown over the years coming to Kriya has opened a path inside you leading you on to the path of God. Through your love of Aliananda and practising Kriya Yoga with her, you find yourself. It is dedication, faith in and love for Aliananda which has given you the path to find and to love yourself. That is what the Guru does.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

September Newsletter 2020

We are all struggling to be perfect, we are all doing our spiritual practice to change ourselves. I am feeling that if we are not careful we will be judging ourselves. Even on the spiritual path we are striving, trying to be better, it becomes a competition almost to have more visions, bigger angels, more wisdom, and in the end the path becomes another competition.

Here in the world HEAVEN IS WITHIN YOU and not somewhere else. All of creation, The Masters, the realms are within YOU and when you step through your Buddha nature even that is melted into The Atma. I and my father are one; you are then in consciousness with the whole of creation. While we are trying to find IT, while we are trying to be IT, we will not find IT; but when we breathe and let go and be consumed in the breath of creation, we merge, we are IT.

As students you are in The Supreme breath of the divine world and your beingness is the breath of peace, and whether in our world we realise it or not, that artesian well of consciousness within you is emanating in the world. A Supreme vibration, note, colour, resonance which changes the world, and you are a servant of the light beyond the mortal mind. Your soul merges again and you realise you are ‘THAT SELF’ and you are not separate.

Your souls were called to come and learn Kriya Yoga with me and it is so important to unite together for The World Peace Mission to bring peace in the world in these troubled times.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

August Newsletter 2020

Here in the world of duality there are many souls that work with conscious alignment, and in their healing practice The Supreme comes through them to facilitate healing in others. However, a quantum step for self-healing is Self-Realisation and God Consciousness, and to find your soul light in your heart of the Atma; to love yourself, and then healing is from within.


Gather all your sadness, all your grief, all your mistakes, all your regrets, all the things you wish you had done differently, then imagine before you the beautiful door to your heart. Open it, and on entering you know you are at home. Walk through the tunnel towards your inner temple carrying your burdens with you.

It is here in the inner temple of your heart that your healing resides - Your Realised Higher Self; The Golden Buddha; Divine Mother. In your suffering ask for help, lay your grief and pain in the lap of your Divine Self; your Soul seated on the Atma of your heart, for there is your Realised Higher Self of Consciousnesses. Let her hold you and comfort you. Rest in this divine love for it is here that you will find peace, love, and healing, your true healing from the Divine Source of The Supreme within.

When you feel restored, look back through the door of your heart to your life up to this point, and see the path you have trodden as a golden mist. As you view your path all that has gone before has vanished, it is but a dream of your own creating. You realise that there is no past and no future, just an unfolding of Divine presence.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

July Newsletter 2020


Kriya Yoga will change you without you knowing it, because as we go into The Supreme Breath and we start in the practice to awaken love within us, peace within us, we go in and we find our soul. As we feel love for our souls, we are feeling love for ourselves and we start to let go of our judgements and expectations, we realise that we are a Supreme Being - a God consciousness of love.

Through drawing the breath up through the seven heavens within us our chakras change. Firstly, we work on the three lower chakras: the breath of the pranayama, the foundation of our thoughts, fears and judgements. Gradually through our practice they start to calm down and we awaken to the light in our hearts of loving our self.

One day you notice that you have changed, that the light of the heart fills the whole temple, the body, the mind and the spirit. You change from within so your foundation changes, your heart changes and your mind changes, and your soul starts to sing. Kriya Yoga calms our thinking and our minds become peaceful; when it is peaceful you feel love for what you are doing, where you are and who you are with, because you are not concerned about what others are thinking about you.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

Future Events:


Kriya Yoga is a foundation for finding the perfection and beauty of our inner nature.

At midsummer the sun has awoken the earth to its abundance and beauty, and what better time to awaken us to the incredible power within Our Selves through Kriya Yoga under the guidance of the esteemed Kriya Yoga Master, Swami Aliananda Paramahansa, Founder of The World Peace Mission. Her mission was passed down to her from her Guru, Mahavatar Babaji, in the Himalayas. She studied under his tutelage for 12 years and has been teaching students world-wide for over 20 years. She will take you deeply into meditation enhancing your practice through wonderful, enriching visualisations that serve to amplify spiritual growth and a deep connection to that which you hold divine.

There are so many benefits to the daily practice of meditation:

Spiritual Growth
Peace and stillness in the heart and in the home

Come and join this amazing teacher on Zoom. The love and light of consciousness shines through her and she would love you to unite with her to share this sacred practice on June 20th and 21st 2020 for 2x 2-hour sessions. Log in at 09:30am (BST) for 10:00am start till 12:00pm.

Introductory price £80 for the weekend, please book via the Eventbrite link below.

For further details ring Sapphire on +44 7852 365229 or email

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa is very much looking forward to meeting you all and sends her blessings, love and peace.

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June Newsletter 2020

Our hearts are quite sad and we carry sadness here in the heart, we cleanse this with the snake breath, the bellows of the snake breath cleans the heart and burns away the sadness.

As light workers we want to see the positivity of light but suffering overlays the light of bliss and harmony. As I said before whether you are a pauper or a king it is all the same suffering for you. When we practice our Kriyas we are clearing our mind lifting the positive consciousness in the body. I remember a wonderful teacher who said it was better to concentrate on one pit and dig it deeply than to have to many shallow ones.

The practice of Kriya Yoga when you concentrate on it will change your life to passion and compassion. The Buddha of Compassion has a thousand helping arms and in each palm there is an eye of compassion, love, wisdom, harmony and beauty.

I have concentrated on Kriya Yoga to teach for The World Peace Mission, this is the technique to change yourself, change the world, peace in the heart, peace in the home.

Blessings, Love and Peace
Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

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Kriya Yoga is a foundation for finding the perfection and beauty of our inner nature.

At midsummer the sun has awoken the earth to its abundance and beauty, and what better time to awaken us to the incredible power within Our Selves through Kriya Yoga under the guidance of the esteemed Kriya Yoga Master, Swami Aliananda Paramahansa, Founder of The World Peace Mission. Her mission was passed down to her from her Guru, Mahavatar Babaji, in the Himalayas. She studied under his tutelage for 12 years and has been teaching students world-wide for over 20 years. She will take you deeply into meditation enhancing your practice through wonderful, enriching visualisations that serve to amplify spiritual growth and a deep connection to that which you hold divine.

There are so many benefits to the daily practice of meditation:

Spiritual Growth

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May Newsletter 2020


It is interesting that I always talk about the energy within but when the energy within is equal to the energy without, then The Supreme Light can pour down upon us.

When I am sitting here in my chair, I am overlaid with a mantle of heavy energy that completely diminishes my outer mind. My body has faded away and I’m just sitting here as a voice. The energy from the heavens is manifesting through my throat box. I don’t see my heart, my mind, everything has gone, it’s only the throat. This is The Word, The Word was God, The Word is with God, the Supreme Word is speaking. The throat has a thousand eyes, a thousand tongues; it is the eyes of God, the tongues of God, the wisdom of God, the command of God, the love of God, the foretelling of God.

In the throat, this throat chakra is the land of milk and honey. When Moses stood on Mount Sinai the word of God spoke the Ten Commandments and the power of those words, the forefinger of God pointed the finger to write the commandments on a tablet of stone. The throat is the creative power of God, in the word, in the speech mankind can change the world.


The teaching for today is about the Kriya Yoga breaths and the emphasis on everybody’s throat. Teach them what you have experienced today, teach them to receive this mantle filling their minds with peace; feel this mantle enfolding their heart with peace; let them feel as if their body doesn’t exist, melted, but their throat chakra is like a spinning wheel of tongues of fire, and on these tongues of fire are eyes. If we can control our minds and just speak the words that come forward in our throats, wherever you are and whoever you are, with the wisdom will come forward for you.

In your throat chakra when you practice your daily meditation say:


In the world at the moment it is the power of God, the power of The Supreme and in the WORD, you are calling Lord God to come through you to redeem the world.

The world is choked, the world has lost the truth, the world is speaking untruth. You as a Kriya Yoga student have been seeded with the truth, and you are commanded by Lord God to say this prayer. Say it like a mantra and this will be a Supreme weapon of truth. It will be like a sword of truth entering the world with light, cutting away falsehood and ignorance engulfing the poor sheep. You are all messengers, Babaji messengers, seeding the truth, breathing and being the truth.

That light of God that is like a fire, it will clear and cleanse burning away the darkness in the world. That prayer will call God, and Kriya Yoga is the vehicle to cleanse us so we can be light workers. The Golden Age is The Land of Milk and Honey. Yes, the world is flattened but arising from that are the light workers, the New Age, the golden calf of materialism will change. The golden river is running from heaven to all the light workers on earth. Rise up and be the heart, be the mind, be the voice, be the breath of The Lord. This is the only way to sustain; this is love and compassion in action.


Swami Aliananda Paramahansa

April Newsletter 2020

At the moment everything has been shut down. It is as if the world has been stopped. The world that humanity was making, through thoughts and actions has had to stop. The river of consciousness is this Supreme Light and the light of this consciousness is now arising changing humanities view. Like the prayer - May the God Light arise from my heart filling my mind with peace-it is only the light that can break down the darkness of delusion, desire, that the seed in humanity needs to regrow in the truth of The Supreme Creator.

What can we do at times like this to help the world? We find a sacred place, a sacred time to feel the light of our hearts. This is arising spontaneously in communities, neighbourhoods, care workers. This light is infiltrating the hearts and minds of humanity and changing the world because we are changing ourselves which brings peace in the heart, kindness in the heart, compassion from the heart. In service people are forgetting and concentrating on caring.

The shops are shut, the restaurants are shut and movement has stopped but nothing stops the tide of compassion for one another and so we are seeing love in action.

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming the sun is shining nature is divine creation, beauty and harmony.

We are divine creation! go with the flow and trust in the divine creative plan.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic the Midsummer WEEK Workshop has been cancelled.

The Midsummer WEEKEND workshop can now be accessed through Zoom on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st June. Cost: £80 for the weekend. Each session runs for 2 hours, login at 09:30am for 10:00am start until 12:00pm.

For further details contact Sapphire on 07852 365229.

There is an amazing opportunity for beginners, Swami Aliananda Paramahansa is running on Zoom a Kriya Yoga Breathing Beginners Workshop. It runs over 4 consecutive Sunday mornings commencing May 10th and runs for 2 hours each session with login 30 minutes before at 09:30am. Introductory cost: £100.

For further details contact Sapphire on 07852 365229.

With love and blessings,

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Disciple of Mahavatar Babaji
Founder of The World Peace Mission
Kriya Yoga Master

March Newsletter 2020

It is very important at this time to do your Kriya Yoga practice as it will strengthen your lungs and body. We feel very isolated and out of control! When we unite our breath with the Supreme we are in action with the creator and sustainer of our life.

This breath I found calmed me and I felt as though it helped the world and myself. It can be done lying in bed or sitting in meditation. Please read to the end.

The Meditation Practice

Breathe peace in, breathe peace out. Receive the breath of peace from the Supreme and breathe out the breath of peace to the world. As we breathe in say it in your mind like a mantra and with the timing of the breath, say in your mind - breathe peace in - breathe peace out.

The next breath is filling your mind with these words like a mantra. "Breathe love in, breathe love out." Visualise the breath through the heart chakra. Imagine your heart pulsing and expanding to your breath, it is moving and receiving love in, as you breathe out the World receives Love.

Babaji said breathe with love. As I breathed, my mind realised the Supreme power of creation, the seed of every living thing is love. All creation is created from Love, in perfect love the imbalance will be healed. Pure love is God. God will destroy with the light of love.

The vibration of divine love is like an atomic bomb. This will emanate from you into the world destroying the virus with perfect love.

In your third eye say the mantra "breathe love in", feel it filling your heart, then on the out breath say the mantra "breathe love out" through the heart chakra.

After practicing the peace and love breath, now join them and say "breathe peace and love in", then say "breathe peace and love out". Peace is Love. The World Peace Mission is peace and love; the Supreme Seed is peace and love.

Through Kriya Yoga we find peace in our heart and mind. This is supreme love. We are filling ourselves like a living grail of supreme peace and love.

I have faith in this practice. I have faith in the Supreme. I have faith in my soul. I have faith in my beloved supreme Guru, Mahavatar Babaji.

You are the World Peace Mission. I have faith, hope, peace and love in all of you, the divine group.

The mind, heart and desire will put this visualisation into action. This love is the essence of all creation. When we breathe with it our minds are consumed in love, our hearts and spirit are all in the power of love to change the world.

Change yourself,
Change the world;
Peace in the heart,
Peace in the home.

The seed of your soul is perfect love.

In love we create healing waves of love in union with the creator, in this love we are healing humanity and the world.

Holding one another with love and blessings,

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Disciple of Mahavatar Babaji
Founder of The World Peace Mission
Kriya Yoga Master

February Newsletter 2020

Dear Students,

In this year of 2020, the World Peace Mission is moving into the end of a 12-year cycle which began with our beloved Babaji’s Samadhi. This change has been prompted by circumstances surrounding my health which have necessitated a lengthy period of rest at my home. This has been an interesting time of enforced rest, meditation and contemplation, a divine gift which has led to my work taking a new direction.

I have been brought into the digital age and what is interesting is that my astrological chart and the astrological chart of The World Peace Mission are in alignment with this big change. There has been a synchronicity to all these events and God truly does work in mysterious ways.

I am surrounding myself with a team of supporters who are helping the World Peace Mission to carry forth my message through the channels of The World Wide Web and you can find my story, information about Kriya Yoga, films, forthcoming workshops and teachings on my new website:

Additionally my work can be accessed through YouTube,Instagram and Twitter.

I am still teaching here in Cornwall and if anyone would like to join me in my ashram at The Queens Hotel, Penzance that would be wonderful. I am continuing my four workshops a year and my weekly kriya yoga sessions held on a Tuesday afternoon, also I would welcome any pre arranged groups who would like to come to my Ashram for teachings.

I appreciate it if you would share details of my new website.

With love and blessings,

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Founder of The World Peace Mission

New Year's Newsletter 2020

For the new decade - good tidings of joy and happiness for the New Year

How do we find joy and happiness? First of all we need a practice. We need to practice for the strength of your thoughts, one which will lasso your mind and draw you back into this world of maya.

To cut the lasso and take back your life the practice of Kriya Yoga is a powerful tool. Have a beautiful place where you can sit, a candle,some incense, a divine photograph of your master - a sacred place. A sacred time to meditate is 3:30-4:00am. Or in the morning upon rising, midday, 3:00pm, 6:00pm, 9:00pm. Give yourself time even if it is only five minutes.

Why do you meditate? It is to reclaim yourself - to find yourself and we find ourselves when we go inside. As you concentrate on the third eye in your meditation and say your mantra - "Yeh Weh She Om" - you are drawing the gaze inside behind your third eye to the center of your mind. Breathe in here and say the mantra - "Yeh Weh She Om". With the mantra, the gaze within and being aware of your breath your focus changes from the outer world to the inner world to the spacious breath and mind of The Supreme Soul, it is here that you find peace and once you find peace joy naturally arises.

Here in the center of your head is silence, a cosmic silence. When you feel the silence you can merge the breath of your hearts with the silence of your minds. The light arises from your heart filling your mind with peace. The heart illuminates your body and your mind and your body melts with the breath of The Supreme light.

Visualisation meditation for healing the past.

See your life behind you as a path from your birth and breathe all the karma, the illness, the sadness out and clear the path behind you, breathe it all forth into this Light Supreme, Hand it over, allow it to pass through coming out in front of you and being received with love and tenderness of this creative power of love. Forgive yourself. Say it: "I forgive myself" and ask God to forgive you.

Now breathe the breath back from God completely new, well, clean. A new birth and a new start. A conscious change.

For 2020 do the practice of Kriya Yoga

Change yourself
Change the world
Peace in the heart
Peace in the home.

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Founder of the World Peace Mission

Christmas Newsletter 2019 - Trust

Dear students and friends,

Christmas is soon upon us. Why was our Lord Jesus born in the world what was his message? Have we understood what he said?

What did our Lord Jesus bring into the world for humanity? He brought love, peace, forgiveness, “love thy neighbour as thy self”, service and kindness.

Jesus gave us the truth to trust in the Supreme understanding of the Christ-light WITHIN, deathlessness, immortality, self-realisation. These amazing truths and qualities do not rely on anybody or anything. We trust the soul-light within ourselves, we trust the arising guidance from within, we trust God within.

As we do our practice we go more and more deeply within to the Godhead within our hearts, our minds. We change from clinging to the outside world for faith and trust to trusting ourselves.

The immortal Self never dies. The more we work and trust ourselves the greater the Christ-light in us and in the world. Our HEARTS open in love to the divine and the Christ-light pours forth.

Our hearts are the divine mind of compassion, love and empathy. Empathy is the trigger for compassion and kindness streaming forth in the world. It moves the Supreme light within from our hearts to create from the great neutral power of God. This light is healing energy enetering the hearts and minds of mankind. The light can heal the fear and bring the abundance of Supreme trust back into the world.

Meditate on these words I have written for you. Be peace, be love; find trust in the Supreme for your life, find it in your heart. In your loving trust for the living Lord trust the Supreme light of Christ. Trust in the divine law in yourself.

As you meditate you find the rhythms of the seasons, the laws of truth, the beauty of nature, the intelligence of the earth. God is the truth. This great river of Consciousness is creating everything – go with the flow. Breath the breath of God.

Kriya Yoga was brought to earth by Maha Avatar Babaji, the Great Yogi-Christ of India. Kriya Yoga cleans our bodies mind and spirit. When we are clean we walk in God’s light, hope trust and love. The greatest power is LOVE.

“Change yourself, change the world, peace in the heart, peace in the home.”

Blessings, love and deep peace for Christmas and the New Year. Looking forward to being with you here in Cornwall in 2020.

Swami Aliananda Paramahansa
Founder of the World Peace Mission