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Wisdom Truths of Swami Aliananda

For copies please contact Sapphire on: +44 7852 365229 or email: Payment of £5 can be made via the donation button on the website/if preferred Sapphire can suggest alternative method of payment.

"This 20 page booklet is a pure delight. As the title describes, It consists of the distilled wisdom and teachings of Swami Aliananda Paramahansa. The topics are set in nice short sections, with headings, which encourage you to read a piece and then reflect. You can use it as ‘a thought for the day’ by reading a section in the morning . It immediately guides you into a calmer and more loving space. I’ve also found that when faced with a dilemma, opening the booklet at random and reading where my finger falls has sometimes answered my question by giving me a deeper insight into the situation. 5 stars!" Maureen Mason

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The Journey of a Paramahansa

Swami's story can be found in her autobiography, Journey of a Paramahansa. You can buy this book on Amazon and the Apple Books store.

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