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Who is Swami Aliananda Paramahansa?

I was born Elizabeth Warren Hicks in the far Southwest of Cornwall into a farming family - I was the younger of two sisters. When my mother was expecting me she developed an interest in theosophical books about the Masters in the Himalayas, telling this story now I strongly feel that she was being guided to the books by Babaji. She read avidly and became a theosophist so my childhood was steeped in spiritual matters, it’s been my life, the golden thread of my lives manifested itself from my birth. My mother and I had a very close relationship and we spent a great deal of time together sharing interests, she was a well known Newlyn School artist and when I left school I was a Potter and had my own Pottery at Sennen. My mother mixed with intellectuals, free thinkers and spiritual teachers and I was witness to many fascinating debates.

At 23 years old I married Anton Holman and we went on to have three children. When I was 30 we moved to Kenidjack valley in St Just to live in an Old Mine Captains House - Penrose -which had been my grandfather's home. It was at this time that friends returned from a visit to Sai Baba at Whitefield in India; we would visit them each week and were fascinated to hear all about him. My sister Laura and I were very close and we wanted to visit Sai Baba in India however our mother said no as she did not feel called to his path.

At the same time after moving to St Just I met a gentleman called Reverend Kenneth Cummings, each week we gathered to practice Psycho Expansion. It was during these visualisations that I met the Spiritual Master Sai Baba and The Masters of The Rays. My training and journey towards Babaji began. I would go to a room and see Sai Baba sitting on a swinging seat with a garland of beautiful white flowers all around his seat, I would join him and we would talk and swing together. Many years later in 2012 I was invited to Sai Baba’s birthday event in London where his devotees would gather to honour his birthday. On the platform was a white swinging seat exactly as seen in my visualisation all those years ago and I learnt that it was only used annually on his birthday.

In 1985 I had a vivid dream. The holiest man in the world was in my dream and from that moment I knew I had to find him. This was the beginning of a twelve-year search. I went to India on many occasions to find him and saw many spiritual teachers but I knew they were not the ones.

Eventually on 29 September, 1997 I stood before Mahavatar Babaji, his first words were: "You have been looking for me for 12 years and now I have called you."

From then until 2008 I visited him as often as I could sometimes twice a year. He was my Guru and I his disciple. 'He knew me.' He taught me Kriya Yoga and I awoke to God Consciousness through his blessing,his teaching and Kriya Yoga.

His teachings were so wonderful that in the practice of Kriya Yoga which is so powerful he helped me understand and realise The Self which is God Consciousness.

His teachings were about God, The God Glow, God's Words, God's Breath, God's Life on earth and in heaven and he initiated me thus speeding up my awakening to this understanding, not through books but through Kriya Yoga which awakened me to find my Soul Self. He would say to me, "Go in, go in, go in."

In 2000 before I left Cornwall and journeyed to him I initiated a Reiki student of mine and handed her my mantle of Mastery of Reiki and Healing.

When I arrived in Nanital Babaji’s first words to me were: "Don’t teach Reiki any more teach Kriya Yoga," so there was incredible synergy with him and that continues to this day.

On one of my visits to Babaji he said, "You have turned into butter." I didn’t realise quite what he meant, however at the same time that I was visiting him in India there was an Austrian lady also visiting, it was not until many years later when teaching in Austria that I was told by her that Babaji had said, "She is a Master" and I had not heard him say this but the links were being made.

In September 2003, on one of my visits to India with my dear sister Laura, we were travelling to Badrinath with Babaji and Doctor Mittal and his wife. Dr Mittal was a devotee of The Dalai Lama and close friend to his secretary. Before we went our separate ways we were in the car park with Babaji who was between us holding both my hand and Dr Mittal's when he said “Dr Mittal, Elizabeth has a World Peace Mission and I would like you to organise a meeting with the Dalai Lama, and we could all go next March that will be nice” This was the first time that I heard of such an important mission however the following March I did indeed have an audience with The Dalai Lama and discussed my mission.

In February 2005 I took an American group and my son, Selwyn, to see Babaji. On the 10 February 2005, Babaji blessed me with my name Swami Aliananda Paramahansa because 'He Knew Me' and I had been a disciple for a long, long time. I know he will never leave me. My full story can be found in my book Journey of a Paramahansa. You can buy it on Amazon and the Apple Books store.

Over the years I have taught extensively in many European Countries and in the USA.

I am blessed to have devotees worldwide who have been transformed by the practice of Kriya Yoga.

I offer weekly teaching on a Tuesday in my Ashram in Penzance, Cornwall, plus four intensive weekend events throughout the year. Additionally, I offer individual and group sessions at my beautiful home in St Just and have a barn to rent; it sleeps up to three people should anyone want to spend time with me in a sacred space. I offer one 1-2 hour private sessions each day. For further information and appointments, please fill out the form.

With love and blessings for your lives,
Swami Aliananda Parahamansa

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